• EAC, Bim Managers, VDC and Architects
  • Compatible with Auto CAD, Recap, Revit and Jump Start for your as built design.
  • From a 3D Tour, you can create as many 360° and 2D pictures as you need.
  • High resolutions Floor Plans.
  • Scan the same job site at different phases to show progress and construction documentation.
  • Measurements to within 99% accuracy.
  • Make punch list using 3D tours.


Hotels and Hospitality

  • Because of the 4K imagery, beautiful virtual reality and 3D tours can give a patron a robust sense of being in the surroundings.
  • For people looking to rent for a special event, wedding, anniversary, etc, this type of marketing will put you way out in front of your competition.


  • It is an exciting foundation for agents who want to brand themselves.
  • It is the only new tool you can add to your listing presentation for marketing.
  • Facts of record, listings that have Matterport spend less days on the market.
  • agents who take advantage of social media will double end more deals.
  • because of the 4K 3D Virtual Tour, closing of out state clients will be much easier.
  • 24/7 Open House


  • Because of the high resolution that 4K imagery offers and the detail of VR (virtual reality), 3D tours incorporating the use of Mattertags makes Matterport an excellent tool for property and possession (art, Furniture) documenting.

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